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    A Guide To Jewellery Care


    All jewellery needs care and attention, in order to keep your pieces like new, just follow these simple steps;

    We all love getting new pieces of jewellery but jewellery care is just as important as to how we store our jewellery.

    • Jewellery should be the last thing you put on, and the first thing you take off
    • Do not wear your jewellery while sleeping
    • Do not wear your jewellery in the shower or during hand washing
    • Do not spray perfume directly on beads, pearls, leather, crystals or metals
    • Ensure all perfumes and fake tan are dried before applying jewellery
    • Do not wear your jewellery during any sports/activities
    • Should your jewellery get wet, dry it immediately with a soft cloth
    • Avoid heavy physical activity while wearing these items
    • Rings must be removed before performing household tasks
    • Be careful not to knock your jewellery against a solid object
    • Use a soft dry cloth to clean your jewellery
    • Protect your jewellery in cotton bags or padded jewellery boxes when not in use

    Please note unless stated the majority of our jewellery items are made with a base metal, which is then plated with the desired metal.