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    designer dupes blog

    Designer Dupes

    Designer Fashion is something I have always been obsessed with, Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs are nothing short of Idols in my eyes, Gucci can never do wrong, I can quote word for word The Devil Wears Prada . However as much as I love all things designer it’s doesn’t mean I can justify spending hundreds if not thousands on …

    wedding guest ready

    Style Yourself – Wedding Guest Ready

    So if like me you’re in the middle of the ‘everyone’s getting married’ era, you’ve multiple invites piling up, you’ve been to every MUA within a 10 mile radius and now every time you see the postman you want to chase him! Yip that’s me (and no my husband doesn’t deliver my mail lol!) You will know, it can be …

    bejeweled at soul blog

    Bejeweled At Soul: The Blog

    Having been open for 14 years and a lot of us being here for most of that time many of you have got to know the girls behind the name! With 9 ladies calling 51 Main Street; work, the conversations on fashion, beauty, babies and just about EVERYTHING in between is endless and that’s just in the kitchen! No 2 …